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Roy Moore’s campaign sent out an email Monday titled “Mitch Mc Connell's plot to destroy me.”Roy Moore still had his defenders, however.

The 14-year age gap between the couple was a fact that Alabama State Auditor Jim Ziegler used to defend Roy Moore against the allegations.“He dated her.

Fox News host Sean Hannity has questioned the motives of Roy Moore’s accusers, leading to several companies boycotting advertising on his show.

Breitbart News decided to help Roy Moore by sending two reporters to Alabama to attempt to discredit the Washington Post’s reporting.

Roy Moore’s wife Kayla Moore is now writing on Facebook that the Washington Post offered money for accusers to come forward, according to CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski.“Meanwhile on Facebook, Moore's wife Kayla, president of his Christian non-profit, has been going from group to group posting the clearly fake allegation [the Washington Post] offered women 1000$ to come forward,” Kaczynski tweeted Monday.

Meanwhile on Facebook, Moore's wife Kayla, president of his Christian non-profit, has been going from group to group posting the clearly fake allegation Wa Po offered women 1000$ to come forward.— andrew kaczynski_ (@KFILE) November 13, 2017Roy Moore's wife Kayla writes on Facebook the campaign is gathering evidence the Moore accusers were paid to come forward - which will part of their lawsuit.

Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore's account of when he began dating his wife Kayla would place the beginning of their relationship before her divorce from her first husband, according to court documents obtained by the Washington Examiner that they published in a report Tuesday.

The report came amid several sexual harassment allegations, dating back to the late 1970s, by women against the retired judge.

The Washington Examiner on Tuesday asked Moore's campaign to explain the apparent contradictions between the candidate's account of his relationship with Kayla and information contained in the public records."Regardless of when they met, Judge and Kayla did not date while she was still with her ex-husband or legally married," campaign spokesman Brett Doster said in an email.

Roy Moore, GOP Senate candidate and former chief justice on the Alabama Supreme Court speaks during the annual Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D. Moore reached over and began groping me, putting his hands on my breasts.

Moore’s campaign was trying to defend the candidate against the allegations when he was also accused of disputing minute details of the accusers’ versions of events.

Moore claimed in his 2005 memoir "So Help Me God: The Ten Commandments, Judicial Tyranny, and the Battle for Religious Freedom" to have met Kayla at a church gathering in Gadsden, Alabama, the week before Christmas in 1984."I was determined to get to know her, but Kayla, divorced and with a beautiful little girl, Heather, who was nearly a year old, was not interested in a relationship with anyone," he later wrote of the encounter in his book, reported.

Moore allegedly was driving her home from her waitress job and stopped in a parking lot on the way."Mr.

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