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The motion capture technology can "capture all the movements of the participants down to the fingertips, so it feels like you really are there with another person," according to Zero Transform, developers of Viro. The nature of the VR environment means that it can look however you want.A video showcasing the service shows off how users can customise their virtual 'avatar' -- how they appear in the online world -- very widely indeed, even including animal features as part of a humanoid frame for so-called "fursonas".The platform is set up so that anyone can sign up to be a host, just as long as they have the appropriate motion-capture hardware.

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Since each trajectory is rendered several times for different climate scenarios, Mid-Air offers more than 420,000 individual training frames.

Multi-modal sensors One of the important features of Mid-Air is the types of data which are proposed.

YOU will soon be able to star in your very own porn film where you look however you and your partner can look however want -- and feel everything that's going on as it happens.

Ba Doink VR, a provider of virtual reality filthy to tech-savvy pervs, is teaming up with a video-game developer to use their high-tech VR platform to create a virtual world where performers "can interact directly with users in a virtual reality setting." As well as seeing everything in the virtual world, both the user and the performer will be able to feel what's going on there as well.

from 17th century rubrics building to the 21st century Georges Quay complex as a modern structure).

2019-07-20 - https://- synthetic video drone UAV aerial deep learning depth semantic segmentation stereo normals groundtruth multi-sensor odometry SLAM localization Mid-Air, The Montefiore Institute Dataset of Aerial Images and Records, is a multi-purpose synthetic dataset for low altitude drone flights.

The flight altitude was mostly around 300m and the total journey was performed in 41 flight path strips.

Herein, around 260 million points (out of 1.4 billion) are labelled (figure 1).

• #VRCosplay X A post shared by The Only VR Adult Cosplay Site (@vrcosplayx_official) on The Instagram page for their service currently shows off options ready for horny fans of games such as Street Fighter and Tomb Raider, TV shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Star Trek, as well as Batman comics and a range of other more specialist interests.

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Additionally, each flight trajectory was recorded several times in the same place but in different climate conditions in order to change the visuals of the scene.

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