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The pressure on his shell was immense, almost crushing it, but the leaf was acting as a cushion, softening the affect of the danger. Man, if he, a snail had wings, right now he would be flying.Even with the danger of death around him, he felt really good. Roy took four sheets of Rizzla papers from his packet, licked two together and joined them, and then licked another two together, and joined the two amalgamated pieces together to make one large long sheet of wrapping for the bullet he was about to manufacture. So brilliant, it streamed through the two-inch thick carpet of grass that made up the refuge and home for one of nature’s little workers.

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Roy bent down and scooped up all the leaves on the ground, palming them in his hand and placing them roughly in his pocket.

They then turned and darted back to the fence, scrambled back over it and raced to the security of the veranda again."Fuck it's hot man, lets snort another JD's or two before we flash it up man." Marcel was exhausted from the sudden unexpected exercise, and the need to catch his breath and cool off a bit overrode any desire to hit up immediately.

No movement in the house, from the garden, or the yard, and the garage door wide open and the Mercury not in its secure stowage.

The two bikers refilled their glasses and sat down to wait out the time they had decided on.

This Stryder, he surmised, was on the level." Yeah, good idea," thought Derek, "at least it would save me having to slither all the way up there and back again, and if what you say is true, I might not have a memory when I come down, and it would be better to try it on level ground, you reckon?

"Stryder scampered up the bush and in a matter of half a minute, had de-leafed the whole thing, the leaves dropping to the ground in a neat pile around the stem, and to Derek's relief, right in front of him.

Marcel removed the well-worn Army surplus Zippo his father had left him from his jeans pocket, and just as Breathe started up on the CD player, took to the reefer with relish, lighting and dragging deeply in one precise well practised motion, dragging the first smoke deep into his decaying lungs. But the sudden intrusion of the hot harsh smoke had snapped him out of his reverie, and as he was sucked out of the leaf with a sudden gush, clarity permeated his mind, and fear took hold.

He held it for about ten seconds, savouring the hit as it started to spread. Sure, the sudden change in circumstances, the jostling and the rolling, and even more rolling were scary, but by that stage, the first three bites had been consumed and he was tripping away into centipede nirvana again. The wind carried him down into a deep and moist crevasse, follicles of tiny hair reaching out to grab him. His paranoia took over and in his moment of fear, he bit into the fleshy cavity, releasing his venomous protective juices to try and defend himself.

He withdrew the plant from his pocket, placed the now rolled leaf on the sheets of paper, and began to roll them together between his dextrous and nimble fingers, long used to doing this delicate task.

He turned in time to see Marcel stagger out onto the veranda with the shots of JD, reached out for his glass, at the same time finishing off the roll, and licking down the edge for a secure finish.

The sun really was hot, and the shade offered by the veranda only served to keep the light out. "Hey, Roy, flick another CD on bro, bit of Dave Floyd eh, and turn the sound right up! " Marcel ripped off a peel of ranting laughter and vented a vociferous belch just for good measure.

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