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FACTFILE HISTORY: Pronounced ‘Gra-bee’, this small town is located 900 kilometers and 90 minutes by air from Bangkok.There are 132 pristine and untouched islands of all shapes and sizes surrounding Krabi.If you are missing the flavor of your home country and need a little comfort food, there are a few restaurants in the town that offer western food. These are usually owned and run by ex pats so the food is excellent.

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Sooner or later, I always seem to end up back where I started.

In the town itself there aren’t a lot of activities apart from shopping and eating.

The people are genuinely friendly and helpful and with the new addition of maps located on prominent stands along the pavement, it is easier to find your bearings.

The best way to explore the town is to just walk and see what you can find.

Expect loud music, DJ’s and good times fuelled by lots of local whiskey.

Elsewhere, the nightlife scene here is relatively subdued.

Some of the best authentic Thai food can be found at the local food markets.

Chao Fa Pier night food market is a good bet, as well as the larger night markets that take over whole streets from dusk.

Visitors take advantage of Krabi’s fantastic night and day markets at various sites around the town and indulge in the magnificent views to be enjoyed from the riverbanks.

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