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In the West, a man's desire to exert his masculinity has been largely subdued by a hypersensitive cultural narrative and media machine that condemns traditionally male behaviour.

Look no further than modern television sitcoms, where the women are strong and aggressive and the men are docile buffoons.

Latin women adopt more of a "men are horny and that's what they do" stance.

All this, accompanied by the fact that Latinos generally have a more passionate approach to love and life, it should come as no surprise that men step outside of their relationships every once in a while.

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"In our culture, there's a long-standing preconception that a woman that can cook is better wife material," says Dr. Latinos are using the Spanish- language version of their site since its 2009 launch. But in today's world, the men themselves are no longer believing that brand of hype.

Yasmin Davidds, life coach and author of several books, including. However, from a sociological and historical perspective, infidelity has always been tacitly understood to be part of a Latino's relationship. They also found that Latinos on their sites are having affairs at younger ages—average age is 31 for women and 38 for men. Truth be told, it's really unfair to single out Latinos as the only men who cheat. Even if some Latino men are more susceptible to this stereotype, it'' primarily because of .

You don't have to be in Latin America long to realize that there's a cheating bonanza going on. You see, that movement known as "Feminism" didn't quite catch on here as well as it did in North America and Western Europe, so there's never been much doubt cast on the historical roles of men and women.

A common conceptions is that men are the main culprits, but women aren't innocent either; many a personal trainer has laid pipe to a housewife while was away at the office. And, although this is changing in the region, as many women get jobs and are able to support themselves, the need for a man to feel like a man is still very much alive.

Alfred Stepan is Professor of Political Science and Chairman of Latin American Studies at Yale University. interests in Latin America are greater than ever while traditional instruments of American government power in the area are far less effective than they have been in preceding decades. With the end of the bipolar simplicity of a generation ago, and the diminishing international financial, technological and military power of the United States, the relationship between the United States and Latin America has changed profoundly. As a major importer of oil, as well as for other reasons, the United States will continue to be forced out of its relatively self-contained economy to compete in world trade.

He is the author of The Military in Politics: Changing Patterns in Brazil, The State and Society: Peru in Comparative Perspective, and other works. The great diversification of global power relations is not only reflected in the emergence of the European Community, OPEC, the Nonaligned Nations Movement, and the conflict and competition among communist countries, but also by the growing participation in world trade of the newly industrialized nations such as South Korea, India, Mexico and Brazil. To the extent that the United States has a comparative advantage in Latin America, much of this trade could take place within the Hemisphere-already 80 percent of North American exports to developing countries go to Latin America. banks are dramatically increasing their exposure in Latin America-20 percent of Citibank's profits recently came from Brazil alone.

Dining out is a family affair, and women are no longer being relegated to domestic duty." title="image" src="data:image/gif;base64, R0l GODlh AQABAIAAAAAAAP///y H5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7" data-src="

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