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The site has been up and stable, and we're gearing up to make the further upgrades mentioned above.We'll be providing more regular updates and communication, both on this blog and also on our Facebook page.

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This has ruled out a lot of the turnkey solutions out there, alas.

We’re currently researching theme systems out there, and seeing how they do against these criteria!

With all the pinning going on these days, Pinterest is sending a lot of bots out there into the world!

As a result of all this, bot traffic is way up on the web and it’s been putting a strain on our servers.

We should be fine for now - and when bot traffic gets especially bad, we tweak our network settings to prevent the bots from overloading the servers.

Server maintenance is proving to be a lot of work though, so we’re looking find other ways to address the surge in bot traffic. DDOS We experience Denial-of-Service attacks from time to time as well.One area where we've dropped the ball is providing updates on all of the above.Initially we were fighting off the DDOS attacks, and didn't want to tip off our attackers on our progress.* One theme versus lots of them: With all the features to support, it’s better to have one theme versus lots of them.That means that the one theme has to be pretty flexible though, which is a bit tricky.* Tradeoff between Flexibility versus Ease-of-Use: It’s easy to provide flexibility by itself, but hard to provide a flexible theme that’s easy to configure and doesn’t require knowledge of HTML/CSS.

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