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So go ahead and add a Countdown timer to your Add-to-Cart Active Offers.

And this total education provided by Webinar Genesis is a major step towards creating Webinar Campaign Excellence. We've worked closely with thousands of the top webinar presenters and absolutely know what makes a webinar perform.

After all, we do have an "insider's" advantage.success looks like.

When it comes to running slick slide presentations, Power Point and Key Note are the usual suspects.

And, Yes, you can deliver an entire webinar with The Video Engine, just in case you need a day off from being awesome.

Webinar Jam's Polls and Survey software is point-and-click simple to use, but don't let that fool you...

There's amazing power in knowing what your audience wants and needs from you and your click of a mouse.

This takes 'Social Proof' to an immediate, tangible level. Webinar Jam's extensive communication abilities are not just limited to its own ecosystem.

We've reliably and, in many cases, extensively integrated its communications platform with premier 3rd party CRM, Email, and Shopping Cart applications.

Active Offers lets you configure a visually captivating display that appears in your Webinar Environment at the precise moment you want your attendees to take action.

No more clunky web addresses that get mis-entered, limited to non-clickable displays in your presentation.

Write it yourself, or select to display Questions (like in the image above) or Statements already in your chat room. Anyone who clicks that link will be automatically registered for your next webinar.

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