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The poor guy never really develops past the age of a child himself.

A slightly more intellectually appropriate partner for Liz, Wesley Snipes is played by British actor Michael Sheen and he makes a pretty ironclad case for the name Wesley Snipes being more appropriate for a slightly-weaselly Englishman than it is for an American action movie hero.

There were two round of bidding, and she helped walk us through a good approach.

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It's a question many have asked themselves in the past 10 years since the 30 Rock pilot first aired.

Liz Lemon was the flawed feminist we needed a decade ago, and, honestly, the one we still need today.

What I'm getting at is that Liz has good intuition and experience, but she's also thorough in trying to be objective about her own ideas and advice.

Liz was very much an asset for us--without her steady hand I'm not at all confident that we would have ended up with the house that we wanted.

Drew’s unfortunate drawback, which is steadily realized by Liz after a number of odd situations, is that Drew is actually, literally, too good-looking.

His handsomeness has resulted in no one ever telling him no, or even that he’s failed at something.Liz Lemon was our "house whisperer." She is a calming presence. And b/c she's detail oriented and on top of things--and there were a lot of things to be on top of--we trusted her. We ended up having a "bidding war" on the house we wanted.And Liz was very savvy about how to approach the bid.It's why in honor of 30 Rock's 10th anniversary, it's worth looking back at her best Liz-isms, the ones you can't help but repeat in your own daily life. They also couldn't be more true, which means it's time to grab those mozzarella sticks and snack in honor of the woman who just seems to get it.Almost constantly beset by low self-esteem and a critical lack of decent single men her age living in Manhattan, Liz Lemon’s love life is a relatable story that’s always a great source of comedy throughout On her quest to “have it all”, Liz encounters a wide variety of suitors and a mountain of incredibly awkward situations.The relationship is designed to take the heat of bad press off of James and his relationship with his full-sized Dakimakura, or Japanese body/love pillow, who he names Kimiko.

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