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q=luckywheel 这将显示搜索到的标题(及内容?)中包含此关键词的所有App列表,需注意的是:这个是语言相关的,如果App中有对应于你机器的语言,那么你就要以这个语言搜才容易找到,搜索其他语言版本的名称应该是找不到该软件的,所以这种方法不推荐使用。 组合查询 上述搜索相关的内容可以简单组合起来做更精确的筛选,不过通常情况下很少会用到。 范例:market://search?

Intent intent = new Intent(); Component Name comp = new Component Name("com.linxcool","com.linxcool. FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK); start Activity(intent);public static final String APP_PACKAGE_NAME = "com.*.*";//包名 /** * 启动薄荷App * @param context */ public static void launchapp(Context context) /** * 检测某个应用是否安装 * * @param context * @param package Name * @return */ public static boolean is App Installed(Context context, String package Name) /** * 去市场下载页面 */ public static void go To Market(Context context, String package Name) //方法1: Intent it = new Intent(Intent. EXTERNAL_CONTENT_URI,values); Intent intt Photo = new Intent(Media Store. EXTRA_OUTPUT, photo Uri); start Activity For Result(intt Photo, 10); Uri uri =Uri.parse("market://details? ACTION_VIEW,uri); start Activity(it); //where app_id is the application ID, findthe ID //by clicking on your application on Markethome //page, and notice the ID from the addressbar //发现用package name也可以 //Uri uri =Uri.parse("market://details? ACTION_GET_CONTENT); Type(""); start Activity For Result(i, REQUEST_TEXT); //2 Uri uri = Uri.parse("content://contacts/people"); Intent it = new Intent(Intent.

Plane Activity"); Component(comp); Action("android.intent.action. ACTION_VIEW); Extra("sms_body", "The SMS text"); Type(""); start Activity(it); //方法2: Uri uri =Uri.parse("smsto:0800000123"); Intent it = new Intent(Intent. BUCKET_DISPLAY_NAME, file Name); Uri photo Uri = get Content Resolver().insert( Media Store. ACTION_PICK, uri); start Activity For Result(it, REQUEST_TEXT); Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.

———————————————————————————————- Up to 4 contacts will be shown on the dock bar with photo and first-name.

You can choose between one click call or a popup window to choose one of the functions like CALL, SMS or EMAIL.

ACTION_VIEW, play Uri); //发送附件 Intent it = new Intent(Intent. EXTRA_SUBJECT, "The email subject text"); Extra(Intent. EXTRA_STREAM, "[url=]file:///sdcard/eoe.mp3[/url]"); send Type("audio/mp3"); start Activity(Intent.create Chooser(it, "Choose Email Client")); //搜索应用 Uri uri = Uri.parse("market://search? ACTION_VIEW, uri); start Activity(it); //where pkg_name is the full package path for an application //进入联系人页面 Intent intent = new Intent(); Action(Intent. CONTENT_URI); start Activity(intent); //查看指定联系人 Uri person Uri = Content Appended Id(People.

ACTION_PACKAGE_ADDED, install Uri); play audio Uri play Uri = Uri.parse("[url=]file:///sdcard/download/everything.mp3[/url]"); return It = new Intent(Intent. start Activity(Intent.create Chooser(it, "Choose Email Client")); 1. start Activity(Intent.create Chooser(it, "Choose Email Client")); 添加附件 1. ACTION_SENDTO, uri); start Activity(it); Intent it = new Intent(Intent. ACTION_SEND); String[] tos=; String[]ccs=; Extra(Intent. STILL_IMAGE_CAMERA"); //调用照相机 start Activity(intent); //2 Intent i = new Intent(Intent. ACTION_CAMERA_BUTTON, null); Broadcast(i); //3 long date Taken = System.current Time Millis(); String name = create Name(date Taken) ".jpg"; file Name = folder name; Content Values values = new Content Values(); values.put(Images. TITLE, file Name); values.put("_data", file Name); values.put(Images. ACTION_SENDTO, uri); Extra("sms_body", "The SMS text"); start Activity(it); //方法三: String body="this is sms demo"; Intent mmsintent = new Intent(Intent.

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