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The music video for the song received more than 20 million views on You Tube and became the subject of more than 250 parodies.

After the success of "Mama Lover", the group began to garner commercial attention around the world.

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I'm not a big fighter, but back in college I got in a barroom tussle with a guy who was giving my then-girlfriend a hard time.

I probably should have just grabbed her and left the bar, but something in me snapped and I don't necessarily regret it."[My wife] understands that primal need I have to make sure nothing bad happens to her.

Marjorie is a pretty adventurous girl, but she's cut out a lot of that stuff--the diving and parasailing and such--for that very reason."This is taking natural protectiveness a little too far.

While I wouldn't want my girl entering Russian roulette tournaments or playing Footloose-style tractor chicken for kicks, I wouldn't restrict her from pursuing her passions and having a little fun.

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Temnikova left the group in 2014 due to health reasons, and Polina Favorskaya, who replaced Temnikova, left the group in 2017. In 2019, the line-up Olga Seryabkina, Katya Kischuk, and Tatiana Morgunova, the last one to include the last original member, has been replaced by Elizaveta Kornilova, Marianna Kochurova and Irina Titova.

With Lizorkina at the time, the band recorded their debut studio album Opium Roz.

This is his nature."Harvey's diction could use a few ice cubes ("obliterated"?

), but when I'm hanging out with my sister and some sleaze gives her the once-over it takes every ounce of self-control to resist serving him a delicious knuckle sandwich.

It included the massive hit of the same name and went double platinum in Russia.

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