Mixology dating service

Mixology is an American sitcom that aired during the 2013–14 television season on ABC.

After hitting off over a conversation about their hometown of Green Tree, Ohio, Cal and Kacey believe they are meant to be together due to being hopeless romantics.

Meanwhile, Liv breaks more rules, with Maya's help in an attempt to flirt with Ron. Flashbacks narrated by Maya reveal the backstories of Cal and Kacey.

Jessica and Fab compete for Dominic's affections; Tom wants to make a move on Maya; Cal and Bruce go to another part of the bar.

Ron seemingly forgets the time he spent with Kacey and offends her; however, Kacey turns out to have mistaken Ron as someone else.

This 2 hour class includes interactive instruction preparing and making 3 custom crafted cocktails each served with mouthwatering appetizers.

Our lounge is conveniently located in down town Gardnerville and is worth the beautiful drive from Lake Tahoe or Reno areas.Guests: Nicole Scherzinger as herself Things are going well with Tom and Maya, until Laura, Tom's ex-fiancée, enter the bar.Tom, Cal and Bruce try to make a quick exit strategy but when their plan fails, Maya teaches Tom how to talk to Laura.Meanwhile, Jessica runs into her former best friend Fab, and they begin reconnecting, while both try to win the affections of the bartender Dominic.Even though he is infatuated with Maya, Cal and Bruce convince Tom to keep trying to pick up women, even though he fails the first several times, he eventually makes a breakthrough..95 pp (gratuity not included) Private classes require at least 8 guests.

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