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Erica and Melissa Eckman, the sisters behind the successful digital brands Everything Erica, Melis Fit, and Yogspiration, are two entrepreneurs who believe you can live a more positive life when it comes to your self-image, career and relationships.

Each week they will be sharing their knowledge and tools to help you unlock your shine within. Erica & Melissa are joined by Little Women: LA star, Terra Jolé, to discuss reality TV, juggling a crazy work schedule while being a mom and overcoming life’s most difficult obstacles.

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Speaking German also helped me to seed our non-stick business in Europe—I was able to work on a production line with German men who spoke no English and they were highly impressed that a small Indian girl from America could speak German. I’m cheating and will give you a second achievement—I’m really proud of having had the courage to start this business.

I love love, and it’s the best professional thing I’ve done!

It took me 10 years to build up the courage, put a plan together for Smart Dating Academy, and make it happen. It helped me understand how to learn not just another language, but understand better the true essence of being a human being.

It made me realize that although we don’t understand most people who speak other languages, human beings are human beings, and they say, think, and feel the same things whether it’s in English, German, or Gujarati. I call them “my two art projects.” They are amazing, and I have realized that kids come through you but they are individuals and they are not “you.” I love them dearly—and love watching them grow.

Terra also serves as the Executive Producer on the popular spin-offs, Little Women: Atlanta and Little Women: New York.

She is currently a proud member of the Producer’s Guild of America.Today it’s one of the top companies of its kind in the United States, and Gandhi regularly gives dating advice on programs such as Good Morning America, the Today Show, and others.Steve Harvey has dubbed her “the Fairy Godmother of Love.”Degrees: BA, ’93, Germanic languages and literatures; BS, ’93, finance Family: Husband (and LAS alumnus) Andrew Annacone (BA, ’93, history; BA, ’93, Germanic language and literatures; MBA, ’94); daughter, Jaden, 14; and son, Max, 10. We are teaching people to sometimes date against their instincts.She has an uncanny sixth sense about people & what they need.Her intuition has been responsible for several marriages and children and the Huffington Post and Steve Harvey call her the “Fairy Godmother of Dating.” Bela has been connecting people all her life.Prior to her recent success in the reality TV world, Terra has appeared in TV & film productions such as Jackass 3D, The Hunger Games & CSI & in the theatrical production of Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular.

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