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It's not speak fluent robot, sydney en, romance today.

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These girls are best friends and are in the same sex-ed class.

For one of their projects they have decided to make a website to find out if guys or girls are more sex crazed.

I think the authors purpose of this book was to demonstrate the mind of teenagers through the three teen girls.

She shows many examples of the 'average' kids thoughts.

A message you could receive from this text is teens go through more than what is expected.

I overall would rate this book a 6.5/10, because the book doesn't really have much purpose.

It is although a very interesting story to read, it has many uplifting parts. It was all kind of “smooshed together” toward the ending, and at the end when they said what was going to happen with Sean and Mads, it wasn’t very clear what all happened. However, I think the characters are very relatable.

I would recommend this book to any teenage girl, who is interested in a romantic drama novel. He shook his hair in the sunlight and smiled his gleaming smile at her. Mads, Holly, and Lina seem like three average teenage girls who would go to our school.

When the Dating Game website they set up for a class becomes a campus hit as a matchmaking service and a forum for students' views on love, sex and dating, the three friends hope it will help them take control of their love lives too.

The Dating Game..only game where the rules keep changing.

Is about natalie speed dating game, pretty little game 6 parallel.

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