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In order to give the people what they want, you will need to give the audition judges what they want first. Let the emotions that you are feeling run free and to their fullest extent.While auditioning, the first tip to remember is to always be yourself. This next suggestion isn’t so much a tip as it is a trait that would be beneficial to you for reality television. Anything that makes you more unique and shocking to the audience will definitely help your cause.

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"I haven't had a date since my husband died," Jeannette tells him.

"This is my first one since my wife passed," he says, as she reaches across the table for his hand.

If you are looking to star in a reality show that can help you find your true love this is your category.

Often times it can be difficult to meet a person that you feel that you want to spend your life with.

That would not be the only time that evening they would hold hands. Unlike Dubé, who was matched with a woman with similar life experiences, Golden's evening played more like an experiment by producers in whether opposites attract.

Golden says she had nothing in common with Woody: "We didn't really agree on much of anything." Golden says she was nominated for the show by a sister and agreed to participate just to see what would come of it.

Both of their experiences are foreshadowed in promos for the show, but for entirely different reasons.

With Dubé, it's a touching exchange between him and his dinner date, Jeannette, about the loss of their respective spouses.

The Hixson High School graduate says she has a dream job as a medical aesthetician, a sideline career as a professional makeup artist, a new condo and a new car, so she doesn't feel as if her life is off-track.

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