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A Sprint user who desires to update his network settings can enhance the quality of his cell phone signal, lessen the number of calls he drops and experience fewer problems with his online connection.

A network update also assists you to place a call when your phone roams off your network.

However, this time highlight the area that states “PRL” and push the “Update” option.

Push “Settings.” Then, choose the “General” option.

Resetting the phone tower on your CDMA phone is the process of updating the PRL (Preferred Roaming List).

An updated PRL allows your phone to connect with the closet cell tower in your area to provide you with a better signal strength to send and receive data. Your phone will automatically reset the network, which ultimately resets the cell phone towers on your CDMA phone. Dial *228 from your CDMA phone and wait for the automated over-the-air programming menu to play.

Push “Settings” and then “Menu” on your Sprint phone.

Tap the “Phone Info” key and go down to the word “Version.” Push your “Menu” button once again.

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