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Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas play Nick, Kevin, and Joe Lucas, three fictional -- and it's very important that you understand they are fictional -- brothers who comprise a world-famous band that inexplicably goes by the name of JONAS.

Like all international rock stars, the Lucas/Jonases (henceforth referred to as the Lonases) attend regular school with the non-famous plebs and routinely perform local gigs for small crowds consisting of family and friends.

), they decide to reenact those memories and film them as a gift for their mom. Wrong Song () (Originally aired May 2, 2009) Nick falls hard for a girl at school named Penny (Bridgit Mendler). This episode is sometimes referred to as "Slice of Life". Band's Best Friend () (Originally aired June 7, 2009) The Lonases' boyhood friend (Nate Hartley) returns for a visit, alarming the now-famous brothers with his lameness.

As rock musicians, the Jonas Brothers have demonstrated real potential -- potential they frequently squash with yelping vocals and cookie cutter kiddie songs. Instead, you'll find silly (and I'm assuming hastily written) songs about pizza and the like.

There are exceptions to the rule, though, and several of the band's tunes have not only made it big in the mainstream, they've caught critical favor too. Granted, these aren't intended for radio release and they're in keeping with the spirit of the show, but they're also pretty forgettable.

(Of course, if they really were Hannah Montana, they'd already have dated and been dumped by one, only to write a tell-all book and then reconcile via a mediocre duet on his next album).

In the style of "Flight of the Conchords" (or, in a more appropriate but less contemporary comparison, "The Monkees"), "Jonas" never hesitates to randomly break from story to song, many episodes serving up original entries into the timeless canon of Jonas Brothers masterpieces.

Accordingly, their fast-rising empire now includes a television series: "Jonas", the latest Disney Channel Original Series to put the spotlight on undertalented youth.

Like "Hannah Montana" before it, "Jonas" is a sitcom about a fictional music act with a barely distinguishable real world counterpart.

Audio quality is consistently pleasing, though sound emanates primarily from the front center channels.

The surround channels offer little reinforcement, barely joining in the mix when music is playing.

All that said, "Jonas" is still one of the better shows in production for Disney Channel.

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