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And it was apparently reading the config file when user nobody had no rights to read it.-edit-It starts as root, reads the config and changes to nobody.The section of the code responsible for saving looks dubious to me, but I'm not a programmer.although i don't even know what was the problem and what fixed it Hello All, I just want to share my systemd configuration.

In that post I’ll teach you how to use their official client as a service under Raspbian.

The No-IP team provides a little program called the Dynamic DNS Update (DUC) Client.

DUC continually checks for IP address changes in the background and automatically updates the DNS at No-IP dynamic DNS whenever it changes.

This program can be usable under Raspbian without any modifications, only the part for setting up the service is a little touchy. The first thing to perform is getting and compiling the client.

then i left home with laptop, got on another wireless and here's the output of journalctl -u noip2-- Reboot -- Feb 23 wslap noip2[420]: v2.1.9 daemon started with NAT enabled Feb 23 wslap noip2[417]: Can't gethostbyname for dynupdate.Feb 23 wslap noip2[417]: Can't get our visible IP address from ip1.dynupdate.Feb 23 wslap noip2[417]: !

Last_IP_Addr =, IP = I was getting those read-only errors too.So before you run the service you need to configure it, right? So run that to configure it, then start the service.Like most things on your Arch system, it does not read your mind or try to configure things for you.i am a noob kinda, so this may be a stupid question - is it possible that the noip2 service itself can't access the config file?thanksedit: i left the terminal open (the one where i ran sudo noip2 -d) and it updates every 5 minutes. It seems the service file runs noip2 as user "nobody" - the config file would need to have e.g.I also recommend you put a static IP to your raspberry PI, so you wont have to do this every once in a while. This is a good link for how to set up the DUC client. It provides a startup script /etc/init.d/noip2 (owned by root with 755 permissions).

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