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We attribute our success to our ability to enhance your overall dating experience through our personalized 1-on-1 approach that focuses on what is most important to you.

Our members are savvy, well educated, successful, healthy and active individuals.

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We encourage you to stop wasting your time with things that simply do not work, and let us help.

We do the backbreaking work so that you do not have to.

Here is how things are done: big agencies cooperate with little resources, which consist of 200-500 profiles that belong to different women.

The resources ask dating agencies to detect obvious scammers, so they pick and check potential brides themselves.

I can only advise you to check the sites beforehand, be wise and safe, because a lot of Russian portals are actually good.

We work exclusively with single, established men and women who are committed to finding a happy and healthy relationship that will inspire them to re-discover their potential for love.

You can ask her for Skype or video-chat, send little gift to check if she looks the same in real life as on photoshopped pictures, you can order a meeting with her, but at first- ask many questions.

Only asking her why she is here, what she knows about your country, if her ex-husband will give her permission to relocate her child, what she will do in new country, how she sees her future.

You should understand that dating site scams are pretty common in our time, but how to understand if one is being fooled and deceived? But the ruthless truth is, no matter whom the dating site belongs, the possibility of bumping into scammers are equally real.

There is a general misconception that Russian dating scams are the most dangerous and widespread. Let’s think about the question from more concrete side and get some specific conclusions.

The agencies can be either good or bad; the latter can use ladies’ profiles without checking so they could be paid well without any problems.

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