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The prime minister said five people were killed in Abaco Island. More than a dozen fire towers across the Adirondacks were illuminated Saturday night in the Light the Towers event. More: North Country at Work Photo"The North Country at Work project travels around the region collecting images and stories of the working lives and history of North Country communities.The Category 4 storm sustains 140 mph winds with "life-threatening" storm surge levels expected on Florida's east coast by late Monday. Blue Mountain's tower was lit with the help of forest ranger Jay Scott and electrician Bob Lewin. Explore all the published stories mapped out and coded by era.

We're marking the 20th anniversary of our Adirondack news bureau by listening back to some of our favorite stories reported over the last two decades. The breeze is sweeter; the sun feels sultrier; you look younger and smarter and cooler as you paddle, sail or putt-putt by. Photo: Greg George" caption="Blue Mountain Firetower, illuminated.

This morning we have the story of a barn-raising in Upper Jay in Essex County that first aired in 2001. More than a dozen fire towers across the Adirondacks were illuminated Saturday night in the Light the Towers event. Department of Health and Human Services alleges University of Vermont Medical Center illegally coerced a nurse into assisting with what the department described as an elective abortion. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand ended her campaign for the White House yesterday, announcing on line that she had recognized this is not her time.

The judicial branch consists of a Central Court, as well as provincial, county, city and military courts. Over the past several decades, the government of North Korea has attempted to purge borrowed vocabulary from the lexicon.

Meanwhile, South Koreans have adopted words such as "PC" for personal computer, "handufone" for mobile phone, etc.

MONC came about when soul DJ Yashiv Cohen (vocals) was overheard singing along with the tunes he was playing at one of TASC (Tel Aviv Soul Club) parties. He took it to his friends from the rock’n’roll band Electra – Nitzan Horesh (guitars), Doron Farhi (bass) and Boaz Wolf (drums, keys) – and then to the Sizzling Horns of Sefi Sizzling (of Funk'n'stein and The Ramirez Brothers, trumpet), his protégé baby brother Ongy Sizzling (of Coolooloosh, sax) and Israel's Supreme Court legal clerk - Ido Kretchmer (trombone).

By the end of 2012, MONC introduced bassist Jonathan Ydov (of Ta'ani Esther) to their crew, while Farhi took over Horesh's place at lead guitar.By the end of the tour, MONC has received an offer to record some of their new songs in the all-analogue recording studio of Yeah Yeah Yeah in Hamburg. These tunes were released in March 2014 by the German label Copase Disques, in the form of 2x7" vinyl - three MONC originals and a soulful cover of The Who's hit The Seeker.Throughout 2014-2016 the band was working on their 2nd full album, while frequently visiting Europe for tours and festivals in Italy, Germany, The Czech Republic, France and Russia.Over the years, our brewpub has featured over 100 different types of beers, ranging from traditional reds and stouts to more outlandish and experimental brews such as bacon-flavored brews and chai tea infused ales. This robust, hearty stout is as sturdy as its namesake.North Country Brewing Company has always thrived on the belief of “community before self.” Our annual Brewfests have raised over ,000 for Slippery Rock Development, which have helped maintain Slippery Rock’s appearance and upkeep. Roasted barley is the trademark of stout, a bittersweet separation from its cousin Porter.The band formed in 2008 and comprise lead singer Yashiv Cohen, drummer/producer Boaz Wolf, guitarist Doron Farhi, bassist Jonathan Ydov and a three-piece brass section comprising Ido Kretchmer (trombone) and siblings Sefi Sizzling (trumpet) and Ongy Sizzling (saxophone).

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