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He didn't put any thought into how to nicely call things off—he just bailed.

Have you ever had a woman who seemed really interested in you when you first met her, but when you called her or texted her later, she never called or texted you back?

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Four months is far too long into the relationship to just pick up and leave without even so much as a goodbye email, but at least it wasn't four years. (And whatever you do, don't hunt him down on Facebook or Google. Give yourself some time to get him completely out of your system.

Be thankful he revealed himself to be a Bilbo Douchebaggins after only a few months, and didn't waste any more of your time. It'll just cause more heartache and waste even more of your time.) His actions show that, at the end of the day, he had zero respect for you.

That he's trying to come back on condition of a hand-picked storyline with Triple H (who obviously has carte blanche on whatever he's doing on-screen) suggests he hasn't really changed there.

He probably wants top dollar, and after the '14 experiment, they don't feel he's worth it, especially at his age.

Maybe he isn’t serious about dating and relationships?

Q: After four months of a great relationship, why would a guy just stop calling? He's done with the relationship and too chicken to tell you.If you’ve had this happen to you before, then you’re not alone.However, understand that when a woman acts interested in you in the beginning, but totally flakes out on you or goes “no contact” on you immediately afterward, it’s because of one of these five reasons: She might have been a woman who really was interested in you, but she had just recently been dumped by another guy.Then, before you could call her or text her, she rebounded right back to the guy who just dumped her.She was a woman who was interested in you, but she meets and dates so many guys that you didn’t really impress her enough or stand out from the rest enough to merit a return text or callback.Learning to manage your expectations will also help you to better control your reactions to how receptive she is to you later.

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