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Some things were familiar – women still camped down one end of social gatherings and men down the other. But secretly, I felt glinty eyes were still out for good old Tarz to come swinging out of the kauri.

Not being the hirsute, chest-thumping type, I might be spending a bit of time on the sidelines, I thought. I drew breath and entered the online dating fray – diving into the Findsomeone pool, while simultaneously dipping a nervy toe into the shallows of another, less “vanilla” site.

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Oh, what a fairground ride it all was, says he, wiping his brow. On one memorable occasion, I went to an Italian restaurant with a sight-unseen, prospective date. there can still be an element of finesse and charm about the selection process.

I came across a couple of certifiable “loops” rolling on the coasters. But I became familiar with the practice of “catfishing” – luring someone by adopting a fictional online persona. A glass of chianti down the screech and I realised Ms X must have indulged in a bit of pre-loading. Is the modern reticence towards communication a hangover from the legacy of the “Silent Generation”? Another aspect of current dating I find mystifying is the level of prescription. A woman I was chatting to once about life and love had a checklist of dislikes she was firm and clamorous about – leather jackets, news and current events, sport, Scrabble, motorbikes and Shakespeare, to name but a few. We all have preferences, but they’re negotiable, aren’t they? Sleep may once have been lost over the obscurities of virtual romancing, but Dr Bard provided shrewd advice: “Sleep that knits up the raveled sleave of care…” I realised real-life encounter is way better than virtual. I’d been to a book launch where there was someone I’d noticed but hadn’t talked to.

Afterwards, feel free to mingle and continue those conversations that were cut short! Please purchase you ticket via the Speed Date website.

A match occurs when two people have both picked each other as a mutual match - either a date match or friend connection.

I watched in fascination as she (in full flight on relativity theory, for all I knew) toppled face forward into her carbonara. Be brave, face the music, and talk to him properly. Anything beyond an unplanned one-night stand deserves decent communication. Otherwise, where’s the fun, the spontaneity, the romance, the mystery, the sensuality? I remember one day feeling a little furrow-browed about the whole dating scene. After the launch, we found ourselves on the same bus.

Stunned, I sat there marvelling at the richness of life before the waiter said, “Signor, shall I lift the signorina’s head before she drowns? Show you value him on a friendship level, if not the horizontal. So, I pulled on my leather jacket, jumped on my motorbike and took it for a squirt, came home, checked the latest Trump-farrago on CNN, switched to Sky Sport, then called some friends over and played Scrabble, reading a bit of Macbeth between moves. She regarded me pityingly and, in a tone suggesting I was mildly retarded, said, “… But, somehow I found myself on the dating whirly-go-round once more and ended up having a dalliance with a bit of a live-wire. We went from 0-60 (old parlance) in five seconds and back down to nought in a nano. Event price: Including a complimentary drink and finger food! You’ll be able to add potential new dates to your contact list after one night out and you’ll meet attractive & fun singles who are ready to find someone like you!Speed Dating is a fun, easy and safe way to meet 8-12 new people in one night.You’ll have 5 minutes to date each single and at the end of the night you decide if you’re tempted for a second date or a friend connection and if the feeling is mutual we will give you each other's contact details.In fact, she almost seemed to be trying to put suitors off. I could tell she was deft with words (magazine editor, as it turned out) and that pressed my buttons. When a friend tangled with a man who she professed to be very keen on, but in an instant became bored or freaked-out and violently pulled the plug, I felt reasonably qualified to impart some advice.

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