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“I have been doing a lot more in terms of pointing out red flags to my clients,” she said.

“I can really limit a lot of heartache for my clients by cluing them in about a person’s true nature very early on.” Some singles are too close to the situation to see what’s going wrong or how they can fix it, and that’s when it’s time for an experienced dating coach like Dr. Her sound advice keeps singles on the right path and motivates them to find a real, lasting love.

Carol has seen many singles dive into the online dating scene and attract genuine conversations, dates, and relationships.

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Carol said ghosting — when someone stops communicating with no explanation — is a symptom of an online dating culture that prioritizes the next virtual match over a real relationship.

Swiping is the double-edged sword of online dating.

Carol and her significant other have experienced the joy of falling in love, and now they want to share that with as many people as possible.

To that end, they launched Her Side His to offer a balanced assessment of dating.

She encourages her clients to take a step back and think about what they want from their relationships.

She teaches them how to be intentional with their actions, crafting dating profiles and messages that align with their interests.

Carol Morgan is a seasoned dating expert with over 20 years of experience coaching singles.

She specializes in online dating coaching and offers profile writing and editing services to increase the chances her clients will find a date online. Carol fell in love with someone she met on a dating site, so she knows her strategies can work. Carol encourages singles to take their love lives one swipe at a time. Carol Morgan has positioned herself as a go-to expert on all things related to online dating. in gender and interpersonal communication, but she brings more than academic knowledge to her coaching business.

Whether she’s editing a dating profile or coaching singles by text, Dr.

Carol pays attention to the details and makes sure her clients always put their best virtual foot forward.

“It’s amazing how your success rate goes up when you know what to say and what photos to put up,” she said.

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