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In the past I was very busy to get out get all dressed up and try to find someone since I was single, I had the weekends but then I just wanted to get some rest.

I had to work and study at the same time so I was somewhat restricted in terms of time.

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I am a single woman raising 3 young children, and that doesn't scare him away. Online was the way for me, but I was fortunate enough to meet a person that has become the love of my life the first time around.

am 58 and have been online dating on and off for 5 years.

People are well known to misrepresent themselves online; some of my girlfriends have been duped in very spectacular style in this way and were lucky to lose nothing more than faith in online dating and a couple of hours of their time.

That's not to pour cold water on the whole concept of course; stories like Rebecca?

I realize that there is a certain stigma to it, but if you are discerning and careful you can meet great people who are willing to love you and commit. Of course, there are wolves in the form of men online too who are just there waste time and energy devoted to these search. Fortunately for me, l begin what l will call a serious online search and l am getting the best. I may never have gotten him if l have not made the move!

Sincerely, "Rebecca" (I have changed her name.) Rebecca, that is a wonderful story. I'm very happy for you and for the many other readers who have shared success stories. Yet l can tell you that there are hundreds of success stories like that of Rebecca. I know what l want, and l believe l already have the same success like Rebecca. Hi Mimi; while it's great to hear that genuine success stories emerge from the cyber dating scene, I think it's worth noting that some of the biggest horror stories come from the same place, and also that there is a seemingly far higher frog-to-prince ratio amongst these faceless strangers.After all, they are "offering themselves" online to many, many women, just as you are "offering yourself" online to many, many men.I just wanted to let you know that online dating is fascinating, in my opinion.Yes, there are sometime disappointments, on both sides.The secret is not to take the interest of men online too seriously.Once we knew it was right we were engaged within 3 months.

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