Opinion on dating

It makes older men basically the only dating alternative.

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The more we accept immature guys, the more they’ll think that kind of behavior is acceptable.

It lets guys off the hook for being immature and irresponsible.

We need to ask for more from guys or else their laziness and bad habits will be passed down indefinitely. Just because a guy is “young for his age” or whatever BS descriptor he uses doesn’t mean he can be an a-hole without repercussions.

He doesn’t get a free pass just because he’s cute and needs help. Grow up, grow a pair, and hit us up in a few years when you know how to comport yourself like an actual grown-up.

Pretty much every guy we date now seems to think we’re also his mom, which is completely obnoxious. This just encourages guys to keep slacking off and not try to improve.

We’re not here to make him get out of bed in the morning, do his laundry, or remind him he has work in the morning and probably shouldn’t be doing jello shots at 4 a.m. This is not only an injustice to the women who feel like they have to put up with it but to the guys who actually have their acts together.The only thing that turns most women on is emotional intelligence and a little bit of overall maturity.The next time a guy tries to turn on the charm while remaining hopelessly irresponsible, we should just turn and walk away. Women have always been seen as being more prudish than men simply because we tend to grow up faster, but now that men are becoming less and less mature, women are the ones getting blamed as usual.We shouldn’t stick around pretending we’re OK with all the work we have to do to make a relationship with an irresponsible child worth it.We have better things to do than enable a guy’s juvenile behavior.Since when is being a child in adult form an attractive thing? The onus always falls on women to be the responsible ones and it’s ridiculous.

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