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They should be by default, but if they are unchecked, then you won’t see those events.

outlook calendar not updating on iphone-17

Signing in and out of the i Cloud should enable the addin, but there could be something else preventing it from loading.

If i Cloud won't stay enabled, you'll need to edit the registry.

Before I get into how to sync the other calendars, let me give you one more quick tip.

Go to Settings, tap Mail, Contacts and Calendars and then scroll all the way down to Default Calendar.

The i Tunes updater should offer it to you, if not or if you don't have i Tunes installed, you can download it from Download i Cloud for Windows.

i Cloud now works with both Outlook 2016 and Windows 10.Here you can choose your main Google calendar as the default one so that when you create new events on your i Phone, they will be created in the Google calendar rather than in the i Cloud calendar. You would think there would be some obvious link available for syncing the rest of those calendars to your i Phone, but there isn’t.I searched through all the calendar settings and couldn’t find what I needed.If you haven’t already added your account, tap on Add Account.Tap on Google and then you’ll be asked to enter your Gmail email address. Tap next and if everything connects fine, you’ll see the options to sync mail, contacts, calendars, etc.Eventually, I landed one some Google page that mentioned this specific link: For some ridiculous reason, a link to this page does not appear anywhere on any page while in Google Calendar.

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