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Being perfect isn't easy, but it's totally achievable if you know what your guy really wants. As far as men are concerned, you're not “normal” 75% of a month. When you nag and complain, all men hear is “yada, yada, yada…” – it's counterproductive. say “honey…” (or some other cute name…) at the beginning of a request and “please” at the end. phrase your complaint as a question, not a statement. it's OK this time (again), but would you come on time next time, please? Talk to him like an child that's relatively stupid. Especially if he expects you to complain – he'll be shocked that you didn't scream at him, and feel a lot worse, than if you've gotten into an argument. If you attack him directly, he'll feel offended and he'll try to rationalize his behavior and you'll just get into a fight. She really loves him and will do anything to keep him happy and satisfied. Cuddle, hug, kiss, smooch, make love and say “I love you” whenever you have chance. Do good things and make other people happy – this will give you more “life credit” and it will make you feel better about yourself. There's only one thing you should be sucking out of him (pun intended).Guys have a different perception of what they consider a "perfect girlfriend” to be, but still there's stuff most of us agree to be good qualities in a girlfriend. You're crazy a week before you get your period, you're crazy during your period, and you're crazy a week after your period – so we consider that you're emotionally (relatively) “stable” only 1 week during a month. And you'll only make him resentful and dream about his single days when he didn't have to report to explain his throwing-socks-all-around-the-place self to anyone (except maybe his mom). don't raise your voice, talk to him as if he was a child… you know the way you charmed your parents into buying you something when you were a kid. Nag and complain strategically – so it never seems like an attack, but a bit more deceptive and classy. If necessary, she'll even get into a fight for him. If your feelings aren't true and it's just a “maybe” – just break up. Make other people happy and you'll be a happier person. A girlfriend that radiates a positive energy, smiles every day and enjoys life is definitely a better girlfriend than some cranky b*! Obviously, a perfect girlfriend isn't just faithful, but also never makes her guy even feel jealous at all.

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If you're offended by (men are pigs), go date a guy that's BUM and he won't have high expectations of you in return. Keep things fresh, and stay as beautiful as you were when you just met – even better, work on yourself to become even more beautiful (physically). :/ On the other hand, don't look good for him, but for yourself. Another way to look better (if you're not born with an unfair advantage of supermodel looks and enough money for plastic surgery), is to build a bigger, rounder booty. Sure, his best friend Joe may be an imbecile – but he is still his best friend.

The reason you should strive for “perfection” (it doesn't exist, really, but still) is so that you'll naturally attract a top-quality guy, and then keeping him will require much less effort.) Think of this “little” guide as your relationship's insurance policy (and it's FREE). A perfect girlfriend always gives her best to look beautiful for her man. You can hate him for wanting this, but that's a reality. You'll naturally be more confident and attractive when you feel good in your own skin. You can give him a friendly suggestion if you think some of his friends aren't good for him, but don't be aggressive about it. You are his girlfriend, not his mother, and if you continue complaining about his friends, you might just become an annoying ex.

Having something going for you ensures that you make each other stronger, not weaker. If you didn't already know, here's how men function relationship-wise.

We compare everything to past personal experiences. You need to be a better, and a more “perfect” girlfriend, than all of his ex girlfriends combined.

if the only person left in his life after a few years with you – is – he'll subconsciously start resenting you.

A perfect girlfriend likes his imperfect friends just out of respect.All of this will make both you, and your relationship stronger; thus, you'll be a better girlfriend, too. Having a life outside of your relationship is crucial if you want your relationship to survive, otherwise both you, and your guy will be too dependent on each other for your happiness.This dependency can be scary, and even evolve into neediness, fear or slight hatred.As I mentioned, the worst you can do to a guy is to take him away from all of his friends and connections, this makes a guy weaker psychologically, and socially less powerful, so it can shatter his confidence – then you might not be as attracted to him as you were when you just met. And whenever you do something nice, he'll feel the need to reciprocate.The best thing you can do is to encourage him to grow his network, meet new people, etc. He needs to know and feel that you appreciate his efforts.The list of “Qualities of a Perfect Girlfriend” below is not in any particular order of importance; see which of them are most applicable to your guy's desires and preferences. The best way to do this is to have a “don't ask, don't tell policy” – never touch his phone, never read his emails, don't share bank accounts.

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