Pictures of people dating

I like seeing photos of a person in different settings or doing something they love." Pros: With the addition of a couple new photos, you can really amp up your profile.

And if the photos support what you've written about yourself (i.e., you mention you like soccer and then show a photo of yourself racing down a field after the ball), it can make you even more intriguing to potential dates.

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If you’re in this bucket, you might want to consider a different profile picture where your eyes are visible.

Females are 50% more likely than men to be hip to the fact that having a pet in your picture is a good thing, but even still less than 2% of them have a pet in their profile pictures.

"Ideally, I like to see three to five photos because you can see quite a bit of personality in that number," says Jennifer, 34.

"Fewer photos than that, and you don't get a sense of the person beyond just physical attributes.

Not many people wear their bathing suits in their dating profile photos, though women are 10x more likely to be in their bathing suits than men.

Given that photos in In our analysis, 8.0% of females were wearing sunglasses in their profile photos, and men were about the same.

How to make it work: If you're most comfortable only posting one or two photos, then make sure they're accurate representations of yourself.

"Show a nice face shot and a 3/4-length shot," says Bacon.

Getting a pet is a big responsibility and the care of a living thing should not be taken lightly, but maybe it’s time to get a pet?

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