Pink dating tommy lee

Some of the revelations in the book will be a big shock to fans and even people close to Pink.” However, the possibility of a tell-all tome is causing ructions with her hubby Carey Hart, because the 39-year-old mum-of-two is refusing to give him a sneak preview.

“Carey is going nuts trying to find out what she has written about him …

“Sure she gets her head turned by other people, but whatever happens between them, she will always go running back to Carey.

“Despite all their bad times, they always make up afterwards.

“She has already penned thousands of words,” discloses an insider.

“It’s going to be a very weighty tome as she has lived an extremely full life and has a lot of things she wants to get off her chest.

he’s known for her candid honesty, but Pink is going one step further.

The American singing star is said to be quietly penning her autobiography to coincide with her 40th birthday next year in a bid to dish the dirt on her private life.

She has 2.6 million followers on  Instagram." data-reactid="19"Furlan first came to prominence on the microblogging platform Vine while also trying to break into showbiz. The couple infamously filmed a sex tape together that Lee later claimed was stolen from his home before it was released publicly.

In 2015 Furlan was declared one of the 30 “most influential people” on the internet by Time. (He was fond of turning a videocamera on the audience during concerts and saying, “I’ve made some films of my own you guys might have seen.”) He also spent six months in jail in 1998 after pleading no contest to spousal battery." data-reactid="31" star Pamela Anderson in the 1990s.

In a snap posted to Instagram of their wedding day, the couple can be seen kissing while standing beneath a white canopy - decorated with pink flowers - in the grounds of The Beverly Hills Hotel.

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