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With 12 versions of MTV’s ‘Ex on the Beach’ around the world, the new season will also air across MTV’s international channels beginning in January.This season of ‘Ex On The Beach’ features romantically embattled stars from ‘Survivor,’ ‘The Bachelorette,’ ‘Big Brother,’ ‘Bad Girls Club,’ ‘Teen Mom,’ ‘The Challenge,’ ‘Are You The One?The classic 2 and 2 tagline by Chuck Woolery and the descriptions of dates gone bad by people who weren't really who they said they were in the videos they made for the show.

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Instead, we have two couches bought at the local thrift shop with $20 in someone's pocket who was a huntin' and looking for a come-up because it was "f'n awesome".

The only resemblance to the old set was when the contestants were being introduced with what looked like the old logo.

This really didn't look like a set that resembled "Love Connection".

Gone were the hearts that the people sat on or in the background above the host and dater, and gone were all the nice colors that the site exhumed.

Not only that, he was sharp on the Dating Game as he was on Love Connection.

So, they had to find someone who could get good information out of the couples, like Chuck.He was like that unfunny schmuck at every party that was there just for the food or because he tagged along with someone that you were great friends with that you hated.Another thing that didn't sit too well with me was the set that the show came on.Despite many time slot changes and the death of long-time host Allen Ludden, the revival ran for 3 1/3 years on NBC Daytime from 1979-1982.He would later add a bonus word called the Cashword and add a big money bonus game called Super Password and inserting a fresh off of Tattletales Bert Convy in the host spot and Password would live on for 4 1/2 years on NBC in the Noon slot as Super Password from 1984 to March of 1989 where it was cancelled alongside Sale of the Century.They also needed to find someone who was charming and an overall gentlemen, like Chuck.

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