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The first phase of grief around the time of the loss might have looked like numbness, depression, guilt, or anger.

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They might worry that they will always be compared unfavorably to your departed spouse.

So I think you were very wise to take time to grieve, and to explain that you have done so to the men you date.

While your future is not up to them, the outsider’s perspective of a close friend or family member might be what you need to help you understand how far you’ve come or might still have to go.

If you are finding that you have some distance to go yet, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

Talking to a grief counselor or perhaps a priest can really help if you’re struggling.

And as always, bring your struggles and questions to prayer.

It feels like you can hear people saying, “He’s a deadbeat,” or “It must’ve been his fault because he’s a man.” Divorced dads get a bad rap. People begin conversations with phrases such as “I know this girl…” and “So-and-so is single.” It all feels so forced and silly.

Then one day, after coming home to an empty house for what feels like the millionth time, you come to one obvious conclusion. My heart starts racing and after the beep, I say the first thing that comes to mind.

But after the first three months or so, most of us are able to begin accepting the loss emotionally.

Then, the next phase involves beginning to adjust to life without the loved one, while continuing to process the pain.

If thinking about them still makes you feel overwhelmed or desperate, you might need more time before you try dating again. Concrete signs of this could include: If you’re still struggling with some of these aspects of everyday life in the wake of your loss, you might need more time before introducing yourself back into a life of dating.

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