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Would she have really headed to , potentially to take over Kate Mansi’s role of Abigail Deveraux?Herbst says that she can’t share specifics, but she confirms that there were other soaps who expressed an interest in bringing her on.

sparks a lot of passion from fans, both good and bad.

Rebecca Herbst has been in the role for many years now, but some tense contract negotiations had many viewers wondering if the character would be leaving Port Charles.

Rebecca won’t go into specifics about what made the negotiations difficult, but she does say that multiple heart-to-heart conversations with executive producer Frank Valentini paved the way to working things out.

star’s contract was just days away from expiring, and while she would have embraced the challenge of starting a new gig, Herbst makes it clear that she loves playing Elizabeth and is thrilled with where things are headed.

Herbst explained that she couldn’t understand the hostility because she was just portraying Liz exactly as the script stated.

One thing is sure, Rebecca is a talented actress and deserves an Emmy Award this year.

Herbst worried that Liz wouldn’t be able to have a redemption, and her fans may not understand why she kept his identity a secret for so long.

reported that Rebecca’s contract negotiations hit a snag, and neither party could reach an acceptable agreement.

Herbst says some even sent cupcakes and flowers during the negotiations and she wishes she could hug them all., she says it is not because she was unhappy.

Herbst says she loves her job and the people she works with, and the fact that she was considering leaving had nothing to do with the writing for Elizabeth or how things went with the Jason storyline.

While it seems that Liz will be off the canvas for a short while soon, good news is out for those anxious to see where Webber heads in the episodes ahead. However, the negotiations reportedly were quite difficult this time around, and for a while, it looked like Rebecca was very likely leaving the show.

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