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t Witch: It's nice to have common ground to connect on, but it's also nice to have the dichotomy of two different genres.

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Being with someone who travels just as much as I do and understands my work hours and that I have a daughter—and that I have to balance all of that—means we don't have the problems most couples in our industry do. t Witch: We travel every single weekend for conventions—we leave on Fridays and come back on Sundays.

Allison: The first year, we had a Skype relationship.

We'd be in rehearsal, and I'd be grabbing his butt and trying to touch his arms. Allison: Outside of rehearsals, we avoided each other.

Both of us are very social and were friends with all the other All-Stars.

It proved how much we were committed to each other because we'd be on different schedules and we still planned out what hour we'd speak every night.

After Season 7, I went on tour with “SYTYCD" for three months, and directly after that, he went on tour with The LXD.

But when he texted to see if I was going, I was ready and in the car!

I showed up and people were trying to say hi, but I was on a mission to find this guy.

t Witch: We danced the entire night, and we've been together ever since.

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