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After sticking his neck out, it seemed like a playoff victory.He has been around long enough to know the value of a Week 1 victory, but this one was special for a few reasons, including his envy of the Giants' championship status.

On the nearly three-hour flight from Baltimore, where Jerry Jones attended the funeral of former Baltimore Ravens owner Art Modell, to Dallas the Cowboys owner covers a variety of topics but there's one that captures his attention: "Jerry Wipes." The Dallas Cowboys owner has been in the news again this week after his son-in-law, Shy Anderson, was captured on national TV during the season-opening victory at the New York Giants, cleaning Jones' glasses with a handkerchief.

That moment gained legs when Anderson, married to Jones' only daughter, Charlotte, declared that he would market 'Jerry Wipes,' an eyeglass cleaning cloth.

Thus, Jones declared that all of his win-now offseason moves were designed to match up better against the Giants -- including a $50.1 million contract for free-agent cornerback Brandon Carr, a trade up to select LSU corner Morris Claiborne sixth overall, beefing up the O-line with free agents and keeping linebacker Anthony Spencer on board with an $8.8 million franchise tag.

"In my mind," he adds of the Week 1 win, "what we gained was so much more nourishing for us, than the loss was for them.

But that was the season Romo emerged as the surprise starter.

"It really changed things for the franchise," he says. It ushered in a real belief that Romo has got all the stuff to take us all the way." Although Jones said during the offseason that the "window is closing" on the Cowboys to win a championship with Romo, he explains that Romo, who has two years remaining on this contract, is in his 10th season and other all-pro foundation blocks, including linebacker De Marcus Ware and tight end Jason Witten, are deep into their careers.

The wipes (.99) went on sale on the team's website Wednesday, with proceeds going to charity.

"You've got to admit: Who would've thought of the eyeglass thing? "Ol' Shy looked down there and said, 'My God, I never saw anything so dirty.'" Jones, ever the businessman, had more on his mind than Jerry Wipes, however.

We needed to win." Supporting Romo Jones has no grand declarations regarding Sunday's game at the Seattle Seahawks, but remembers the last trip to the Pacific Northwest.

That was the NFC wild-card playoff contest following the 2006 season, remembered most for Romo fumbling the snap on the short field goal that could have won the game.

"You'll never convince me that the Giants didn't take our role last year," Jones says.

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