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Lindsey Graham, equating women who claim to have been sexually abused with "trailer trash" out for a cheap score The Sludge Judge and Sludge Kavanaugh Kreepy Kavanaugh (Commander Og) Brett "the Tit and Clit Man" Kavanaugh The Hanging Judge Mr.

Ford), The Perjurer, Boofer Brett, Beach Week Brett, Renate Alumnius, The Gang Rapist (Julie Swetnick), Alcohol-Soaked Sot, Caveman, Neanderthal , an underground newspaper associated with Georgetown Preparatory School, described students who went to Christine Blasey Ford's all-girls school as "the most worthless excuses for human-females" in a column titled "The Truth About Holton." The author boasted about sexual relations between Georgetown Preparatory students and the girls attending Holton-Arms by saying all it took was a public library card to "have a good time with any H.

H.(Holton Hosebag)." Mark Judge, one of Kavanaugh's closest high school friends, and two other classmates reportedly produced Brett Michaels.

Mulvaney has confirmed his new role by introducing himself as a Right-Wing Nutjob!

So perhaps Trump should keep a certain tiny, toadstool-shaped appendage under wraps. CFPB The Shutdown Caucuser The 7 Million Dollar Man (due to a shady real estate deal) The Trump Whisperer The Trump Hisser Trump's Enabler Trump's Fixer Acting President Mulvaney Insane Mulvaney (Michael R.

Trump will just have been a joke presidency who scammed the American people, amused the populists for a while, but hell have no legacy whatsoever." Ann Coulter wants black children to be flogged and humiliated in public: "I have to say I'm all for public flogging.

One type of criminal that a public humiliation might work particularly well with are the juvenile delinquents, a lot of whom consider it a badge of honor to be sent to juvenile detention. Big gas-guzzling cars with phones and CD players and wet bars that's the Biblical view." "I think [women] should be armed but should not vote women have no capacity to understand how money is earned.Wanton little waifs and serfs dependent on the State.Pure and simple." Ann "Crazy Eyes" Coulter contemplates her Master Plan to invade and crush Canada, perfect the Jews, invade Muslim nations and convert them to Christianity at gunpoint, "rape the planet," publicly flog and humiliate black children, arm women while taking away their right to vote, and generally create Hell on Earth!Right-Wing Nutjob (a nickname Mulvaney embraces) Wacko Wombat, Chipmunk Cheeks and Angry Chipmunk Hard Duty and Hazardous Booty The Temp Whether Vane Mick (Michael R. Pay-to-Play In April 2018, Mick Mulvaney told a room of banking industry executives and lobbyists that as a Congressman he refused to take meetings with lobbyists unless they contributed to his congressional campaigns. Pay-to-Play said: "If you are a lobbyist who never gave us money, I did not talk to you. Burch) In past lives Mick Mulvaney has been the Director of the CFPB and Trump's Budget Director.Burch) Trump's Nanny Boo-Boo, Nanny Mc Fee and Scary Poppins (Michael R. If you are a lobbyist who gave us money, I might talk to you." The Hobbit The Keebler Elf Dopey Darth Leprechaun Granny Clampett The Scold Miss Manners The Zookeeper Kindergarten Cop Kindergarten Kop Wet Nurse Ratched Mick the Prick Mick the Vain The Mick Mickey Mouse (Donald Trump, using "Mick M" for short) Third Strike Bottom of the Barrel D. In his latest incarnations, he is the White House Chief of Staff (i.e., Trump's nanny).Indecent Exposure, The Wretch, The Retch, Binge Kavanaugh, Rapey, Verge (as in, "I'm always on the verge of getting wasted and molesting you), Coach K, The Virgin (as in, "I could never get it up because I was always too drunk), The Choir Boy NOT!

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