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But the romance did not just stop to the movie as the adorable on-screen couple was dating off-screen too.The fans loved this fact and their family and friend were also very happy.To describe her childhood, Eva Mendes usually uses the words “troubled”, “poor” and “hard”.

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It’s a long process, which needs focus and takes lots of time.

It’s especially hard to build a friendly family for two famous people, who have ambitions, cash, large fan base and enormous ego.

But we’ll try to look at Eva Mendes through a magnifying glass and find a couple of sweet romantic moments between her and her famous husband. The future actress grew up in the family of Cuban immigrants, hard-working and very poor.

Her parents got divorced, when Eva was still a kid, and together with the girl’s brothers and sisters she moved to Los Angeles. Always active and smiling, she becomes so closed, when she is asked about her early years.

The pictures turned to be so beautiful, that’s why one of TV producers decided to invite the girl for audition. She appeared in music videos of Aerosmith and Will Smith. And finally, the beauty Eva Mendes got a chance to try her hand as a big screen actress.

Eva Mendes career is not the most famous in Hollywood.

In summer, 2016 it was rumored, that two stars arranged a secret wedding ceremony in the back part of their house at Hollywood Hills.

They keep their relationship extremely private, that’s why not much is known about their love story.

” She laughed, “Why does it always happen at three or four in the morning?!

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