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R59, I only threw Lauren's name out there as a potential. xo c Who is she seeing (unless you think she meant she was snuggling with her dog)? Will be interesting to see over time if/how this "comes out" in one way or another. All of the sudden she's leaving twitter and suddenly she's back with Cherry. I came to this thread because of SP Tweeting with her. I too wouldn't have any idea who this woman is, if she was standing right before me. She was on the cover of Curve magazine, she's all over After Ellen, was ON Ellen's show, Rosie's show, Oprah, the biggest gay story of the year and Data Lounge is the only place you've seen her mentioned. She was, at least at one time, one of the biggest stars in country music. She was named one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in the world, at one point.But curious that LB recently friended Chely's brother-in-law on Facebook and Chely has also friended LB's sister Julie. Maybe LB but somehow I don't think she'd be splashing that all over Twitter if it was real. Would be nice if Chely got back to tweeting w/her fans on a somewhat regular basis..not just 2 people. I always pictured her with an older, professorly woman. Did you see the other day how she twittered to the head of Glsen something about being excited to have lunch with her "friend? She's probably happy for C but realizes it could all go south fast and get messy, maybe. I guess for people who seem to care, she's given enough clues on Twitter. They had names for each other Chely is DL and Sarah is SC and suddenly they don't twit each other anymore. I read the twits and the difference is that with Sarah Chley seemed giddy, flusterd, and excited. Something happened that all of a sudden Chely and Sarah don't twit anymore they both seemed like they could not wait for the other to twit. Perhaps I'll hear a song of hers at some point and become interested. Honestly, the only place I have seen her mentioned is here on DL. KC is not gay to my knowledge - but I have worked with her and respect her as a talent and someone who has made some mistakes and learned from them. (I think) Look, I am not a country fan at all, but I'm just saying, I think it's funny when people pretend like, "oh, who is Chely Wright".

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That little bio was great to see how she's changed but the parts about her mom and the end of Part 2 was kinda heartbreaking.

Wasn't Sarah mad at some thing in the NY York times last week that was false. It's only fun, I realize - but a lesson none the less. Also, I've already explained to you why I'm on this thread. That may change if she becomes more outspoken re: issues like DADT. 165 here, I was making fun of the poster who said LB and CW were seen at Starbucks being very affectionate. Come on, I don't think Chely and Lauren would be that affectionate in public. :)Interesting Twitter exchange today: LB @chelywright you're a good lady. She said she has someone post for her and they tell her what messages she has been receiving. Is it my imagination, or had Lulu tweeted something to KChenoweth about being excited to see her tomorrow (on Friday).

Maybe I am wrong but I think Chely and Sarah are together that's why they stop twitting each other they could still be communicating, but through Phone or email instead. I wonder if it is really true that SP cheated on Cherry with JM. Mostly, because I find people like you hilarious to read. No one I know has ever heard of Chely, nor is she in the press very often. I've said it before, but she'd make a fabulous GLBT speaker--rather than trying to string together a tour. I'd say this pairing is a hot, quick, passionate love affair based on the signs. So we think Chely and Lauren are having alot of sex right now. Who's the top and who's the bottom in this relationship? Anyone can make up stories on the net, don't believe them. I forget what it was but i got the impression they'd all be doing something together on Saturday, but I don't see it now. OK don't be mad I know who CAM is but just wondering if mamaseeta1 had ever written anything that could remotely have been interpreted to be about Chely?

Not that they say anything interesting, anyway..why bother? LOLI wouldn't know Chely Wright if she bit me and don't care to. When she came out Dlisted quoted the Color Purple "Harpo - who dis woman? Any contact I have had with her has always been lovely and she is very sexy to me. You wouldn't know who Chely Wright was if she bit you? You're clearly a follower of some things LGBT and Chely's story was the biggest LGBT story of 2010 and you're claiming that you wouldn't know her if she bit you? Please, these women are way way more famous then Chely. As a country music star, maybe she was super famous ala Faith Hill or whatever (I never heard of her).

I wish she'd date crazy Sarah (if she wasn't w/the Queen of the stage)--at least it would give us something to write about! She's breaking stereotypes left and right in the gay community and she certainly doesn't just blend in with every other out lesbian. To the gay community she's the 'famous out country music star'.

Did anyone else notice that Chely wrote: Love is a good thingon her Twitter last night? Chely is still Tweeting with Lauren pretty regularly though and their Tweets are flirty. That's a picnic."They're girlfriends, Chely and Lauren. They're a HOTTTTT couple.i bet you LB gave CW the scarf she's wearing in those gulf fotos. Sorry, not sure I'm gonna be able to take your word for it. Chely is a mature woman, she wouldn't be messing around with a 20-something girl. Funny how Chely would not answer Lauren twits while twitting with Sarah. It matters for the people in the mid west/south who think country music is their conservative/christian/hetero point, r 163. You know what's funny, the I don't know who Chley is I just came here because I find some of you fascinating/hysterical. My friend who works at Barneys says that Chely and Lauren are there together almost every day. I would also say that if she were standing next to me I would not recognize her. And at R129 you said that you don't believe that they are dating. I think they are just really good friends and they share a lot with one another. I ask this because someone said Chely lives in Manhattan and everything I have read is that she lives in Chelsea.[quote]BTW, is Chelsea in Manhattan? not that she is going to be writing "i am dating so and so" on her facebook wall, but she's made it pretty clear she has love and is writing love songs and is snuggling with someone, and seems to have an intimacy, even in her short tweets, with Lauren.

it's kind of warm for a scarf even if you have been sick, and scarves seem to be a favorite topic of Ms. LB does seem young for sure, though i suppose CW feels young. And yes, LB seems young for her, but wasn't "Kristin" also much younger than Chely, bordering on immature? She doesn't seem to be twitting much with anyone in particular. It seems that Chely realized that Sarah was still hung up on Cherry and realized that for now there was no future there. i had never heard of her until dlisted ran the spoiler that she was the "celeb" coming out on may 5th that everyone speculated was Queen Latifah. If you think she is the poster child of the gay movement you need to do a lot of homework. Plus you're going off at anyone who doesn't "love" Chely as much as you do. I ask this because someone said Chely lives in Manhattan and everything I have read is that she lives in Chelsea. can we all accept that and just move on with the finer points...

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I agree if she was dating LB they would email/call instead of twitting each other. BUT: my best friend works at Starbuck's in Brooklyn and she says that Chely and Lauren are there together almost every day. To the rest of the public (non-country), I'm pretty sure they don't know her by name. But if they ARE dating, begs the question why isn't LB with Chely at her event? She was at the baseball game with Chely where religious material was given to them.

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