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Give us ten minutes.'" conjures in one's mind a comedian with a microphone standing onstage under a spotlight telling jokes to an audience." That kind of comedy is fine, he says, but for him it's in the past.Shandling is striving to exist—and thus to be funny—completely in the moment.Other times, you're lucky to get on the court.

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I don't know what that means, but that seems like it would be funny.' And Garry said, ' Yeah. Your instincts are good.' Garry's always talking about your instincts."Conan's not the only one to use Shandling as a sounding board.

For the past five years especially, the 60-year-old comic, who counts both George Carlin and Johnny Carson as mentors, has devoted himself to mentoring others.

There is no agenda at Camp Garry, as Silverman calls it.

But it's not a party—Shandling is adamant about that. Aficionados of may recall an episode in which Duchovny, playing himself, admits to having sexual feelings for Sanders.

That's just one moment of TV genius that was hatched on Shandling's court."I was guarding him," Duchovny recalls, "and you know, my pelvis was near his rear end, which happens sometimes when you're guarding a man.

And I said, ' It would be funny if I had a crush on you but I was straight.

Judd Apatow plays infrequently, but only, he says, because "Sarah's better than me, and it's shameful for me, as a man, to accept that.", Shandling's pioneering metacomedy on HBO.

"People show themselves truthfully in a time of competition, and that's what he's interested in." After a few hours, Shandling leads everyone up to the house to eat takeout and watch sports on TV.

"Conan's completely free now," Garry says with a solemnity more gurulike than you'd expect from someone who got famous making jokes about his hair.

"He doesn't have to fit into someone else's mold."But what Garry really wants to talk about is that hand-me-down cookie. —he adjusts his black baseball cap and takes off: "I asked the same question, and they said, ' It's an airplane cookie.' And I didn't want to ask what that was exactly. "I was in a situation once over water where they said they were having a technical problem with my cookie.

"The direction I'm going in is eventually you won't know if it's a joke or not," he explains, describing his new act, which he has been quietly testing in clubs where his name never appears on the marquee.

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