Sccm collections system ou not updating C2c chatting and sex on tube

I have the following query in the device membership rules - created automatically by going to the Criteria Tab and filling in the Critereon Properties window.

I have manually done an Update Memebership of the collection, and refreshed, it still doesn't show.

On the next page, we can select the applications to be installed as part of Windows 10 1709 upgrade process.

sccm collections system ou not updating-21

Enter the name of the Task sequence – Windows 10 1709 Enterprise Upgrade.

Upgrade the Windows operating system page of the wizard you need to select the Windows 10 1709 upgrade package which we created as a first step.

If I go to devices, and type Trolley1- into the filter, I can see 12 devices.

There are methods in SCCM to upgrade existing Windows 10 devices to the newest version of Windows 10 1709.

However, when we tried to do this, it was grayed out!

Root Cause Before trying to upgrade the client, I thought we should un-check the pre-production Collection box in Hierarchy Settings.

On the next page, enter the name of the Windows 10 1709 upgrade package. Navigate via SCCM CB console – Software Library workspace – right-click the Task Sequences node, and then select Create Task Sequence.

On the Create a new task sequence page, select Upgrade an operating system from upgrade package and then click Next.

If this isn’t checked, SCCM doesn’t know to show you the UI for upgrading the client across production!

Once this is done, you can go to Updates and Servicing, and click Client Update Options.

Select the Software Updates should be installed If you are already having an enterprise version of Window 10 1703 then, it won’t ask for activation again (after the 1709 upgrade).

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