Scorpio men and dating

He will rarely show how sensitive he is, though, But don’t let that fool you.

He is perhaps the most emotionally sensitive and perceptive sign of the zodiac. Scorpio has an innate grasp of the mundane aspects of human life.

He is generally unaffected by compliments and will simply nod in agreement when given one. And it doesn’t mean he’s without doubts, he definitely is, but they’re typically of a more existential nature. Scorpio is hyper-aware of himself and the interactions he has with other people.

And he can’t help but analyze every interaction and how his actions come off to others.

Scorpio has a magnetic presence and a complexity that’s hard to describe in words.

It’s hard to describe a Scorpio and even the common things he is known for are often misinterpretations.

Yet the interpretations of his sexual nature are typically misunderstandings based on simplified generalizations (more on Scorpio sexuality later). Scorpio is highly emotional to the world around him.

He has a soft emotional core and senses everything that goes on with the people around him.

He might not always be conscious of it, but dangle some otherworldy mystery in front of him and he’s sure to have a strong response. Scorpio tends to hold his cards close to his chest. Even if he is involved in expressive arts like theatre or acting when it comes to his personal life he is less expressive than most.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t feel an abundance of emotions (he does), but rather that he feels at an instinctive level to contain them until it’s expression is entirely needed. At his core, Scorpio is soft, caring and sensitive.

He is a master at asking questions that are both direct and penetrating.

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