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Oh everything about him was turning her on, his muscles, his hair, his eyes!Oh and his height, his hands, his tongue, and his mouth!

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Once it had gotten where he could barely stand and she was gushing out fluids with every pass he backed off and they locked eye contact.

They nodded to each other and agreed to do it under their breaths.

Ha M 52 Their kissing and grabbing intensified as they moved towards the bedroom, suppressed feelings and emotions finally being released drove them into a frenzy, they started tugging and pulling on clothes trying to undress.

The quiet house had very quickly come to life in a matter of moments and words.

As soon as some article of clothing was off of Hansel it left her grasp, whether it fell or she flung it away it was gone.

The taste of Hansel was all she tasted now, nothing else, just his hot fucking flesh!

Her eyes, her spectacular eyes captivated his gaze and made him want to please them.

Her mouth was attractive and captivating, but by far her best feature to look at was her body as a whole, her shapely figure of various angles mixed with a variety of curves just dumbfounded Hansel.

I have a few in the works but maybe I’ll update some of the others like Titanic, Bismarck, Nagato, Yamato (well actually she’s kinda locked out right now), or a few others.

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