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It is wonderful sentiment that Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne could be happily married, and that what’s on the outside doesn’t really matter; as long as you can put a smile on the face of the person you love. And for whatever rom-com you have coming out next, I want to see Ryan Gosling and Rebel Wilson living happily ever after.

Of course, this notion that men are allowed to be average looking if they’re funny, but women are not, is utterly ridiculous and a huge double standard.

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Even a flying elephant.” Having never flown an elephant, the guess is it needs big-time space.

Contortionists, high wire acts, jugglers, clowns, cartwheels, flips, walking on stuff like cats.

Jordan Peele directed “Get Out” to $255 million and an Oscar win.

We’ve all seen the trailer for the new movie ‘Bad Neighbours’, right? And various other wise sayings our grandmothers told us. Hell, I’d probably marry him given the opportunity. So of course, its understandable that even though he isn’t much in the looks department, a guy like Seth Rogen probably could in actual fact nab a mega-babe like Rose Byrne. When all the window-shopping at The Intersection became too much to bear and the likelihood of wrapping her head around NRL went from slim to non-existent, Kirsty returned home to the west.

Incredibly generous, he really took me under his wing.” Its title is “Long Shot.” And the longer shot is Charlize doing lines. Danny De Vito: “Tim Burton’s live-action ‘Dumbo’ set was a small circus. Like maybe Great Britain’s great prime minister, who doesn’t know her entrance from her Brexit. I hope everyone grabs friends and says, ‘We must talk about this and dissect it.’ That’s excitement.

Seth: “She’s good in interviews, so I had faith she could be funny.” Charlize: “I love him. So happy to be in something for a change where nobody dies. This is the first in a long time they’ll go see.” If you want to join her friends, it opens May 3. He announced he’ll definitely, absolutely, for sure pick a woman for vice president. He doesn’t specify she’ll be necessarily qualified. So he’s mentioning and just talking about women — like who? Elizabeth Warren, who’ll wear buffalo skins for the inaugural? She makes great chicken soup, but wouldn’t know Mozambique from Missouri. “My favorite thing is hearing conversations afterward.

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CHARLIZE THERON SHARES PHOTO FROM FIRST-EVER MODELING COMPETITION “The idea of working with Seth was something I was really excited about…

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