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Sharing fantasies, however, can increase emotional intimacy in marriage.

The fantasies you share don’t necessarily have to be sexual.

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While dating, you and your spouse probably spent hours talking to each other.

That level of communication is often the first casualty of marriage, especially after the arrival of children.

Set aside time to talk to each other about you and your relationship, this is a great exercise for couples trying to improve communication.

There will always be time to talk about the kids and the strange knocking sound in the car.

If you feel comfortable doing so, discuss what you prayed about.

Yoga hits two areas of intimacy: physical and spiritual.

You can write full stories, or you can use technology to make things more interesting.

For example, you can send the story to your partner line by line via text messaging.

Sex is an important part of marriage, and a lack of it can have a negative effect on the bond between spouses.

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