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My advice to anyone out there is to RUN, STAY AWAY from Holly Sue Thomas from Swarthmore PA!

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Considering my ex did the same to me main difference was we were never married.

Women need to respect marriages they would want someone to respect their marriage should they marry one day .

He is currently manipulating a new married woman, but my hands are tied. This woman likes sleeping with her married coworkers.

She is over 35 years old and never married and has no children. She goes after coworkers and anyone else that will fall for her.

She is lecherous and lewd and will do ANYTHING for attention. Holly Sue Thomas from Swarthmore PA has no moral compass and is guided by her vagina.

There is no way that this is the first time she has done this and it will not be the last.Sits on her a55 and gets assistance for herself and her kids, collects disability for her sick child who she intentionally made sick so she could get a pay check, and hides the fact that her ex husband lives with her so she can get the extra benefits from the state, oh and also has the new 60 year old boyfriend that she, at 26, just popped a kid out with so she can go and add on to them be if it’s shes already getting…she a Manipulating, conniving, piece of trash who will do anything for a free ride.She has moved out of Butler PA now after she has wrecked so many home lives , so look out if you live in Allentown. This chick sleeps with anyone and anything just so she can get them to fork out money for her and her kids that she has from multiple different men, her husband left her because she treated him like complete dirt, mentally and physically abused him and as soon as she couldn’t find someone dumb enough to support her, she would cry the blues and beg for a pitty party so he would come running back to her, and he always does.She finally has a “real” job as a corrections officer at the local county prison where she lives and since she don’t like to do real work, she went and got knocked up on purpose so she didn’t have to do her job.He’s got multiple children with multiple women and let he is according to him “not a dad”.

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