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It gives her an annual budget for her activities at the Wilder Child Development Center in St. There, she reads books, counsels low-income families and helps parents find jobs — paid for by her employer.

“I have fallen in love with the kids, the families and this program,” said Mc Namara, when her reading session was over.

But she also gave more specific reasons: And businesses are in the habit of helping.

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The federal Corporation for National and Community Service reported that in 2018, the Twin Cities had the highest rate of people who volunteered at least once during the year at 46.3 percent. adults volunteered through an organization in 2018.

The lowest rate of volunteerism was 18.7 percent, in Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Informal volunteering rates were higher — with 43.1 percent helping family and friends, 51.4 percent doing favors for neighbors.

For 14 years, the Twin Cities has been in the top three metro areas nationwide.

“It must be something about that Minnesota Nice,” said Warfield.

Last year it organized 60,000 volunteers, according to spokeswoman Kelly Puspoki. If a parent needs work, she rehearses the job interviews.

When a desperate person needs help, Mc Namara swoops in.

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