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In return, the information that you see on most people's profile only contains the age, gender, and sexual preferences.

They encourage membership across genders, beyond straight and gay through their expanded gender options.

Before sign-up, the app flashes reminders against discrimination and their terms of use.

Notice that these profiles use photos they only downloaded from the internet such as cartoon characters.

Despite this, every single profile is verified by a phone number and Facebook account so you can be sure that they are still people and not bots.

Members are actively responding to messages as long as you connect.

It takes a while to get a connection but once you do, messages keep coming.You can only message other people after you connect.There will be a connection if the profile you like, likes you back. But there are no other games or activities to do under this tab except basic messaging. The registration process does not ask for too many personal details.The app offers a messaging functionality that is different from most dating sites.It allows the creation of group chats where you can add up to two profiles.As long as the profile fits in your preferences and you fit in them, you will appear in each other's radar.

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