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Visit Live Pay Pal is probably the most commonly used form of secured online payment worldwide.

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While we know that it’s an elite card used most often by celebrities and the ultra-rich, with the card itself being made of anodized titanium, less is known about exactly how to get your hands on one.

That said, there are rumors of some rather strict requirements that must be met.

Invitation Only | For the Ultra Rich | 10 “Easier to Get” Alternatives Like most elite experiences, the card is invite-only at the moment, with no indication that this will change anytime soon.

Loyal American Express® cardholders are likely the most commonly invited, a list that includes both long-time business and personal charge card customers.

): spend often, and on big purchases, with the intent to pay back promptly.

If you find that you can’t qualify for the posh requirements of the American Express® Centurion card, you may want to consider other “elite” options.

We are starting off this page with the top five Pay Pal cam sites.

We believe that these five are good enough that you don't really need to look further.

There are many other cards that offer robust credit lines, awesome rewards, and other great features for the rest of us.

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