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Find out what your partner really, secretly wishes they could do.

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This is a fun way to ask someone who is the most interesting person alive.

The answers to this one can span from the genuine or obvious (pay some debt, buy a new gaming system) to the amusing (fill the pool out back with Jell-O).

Sure, most people would go for the easy answers like semi-automatics and grenade launchers, but you know someone would go all out in medieval knight armor and broadsword. Here’s your chance to imagine yourself in your favorite fantasy book or show, while also considering the real consequences.

Are you the farmer type or have you always wanted to play cowboy?

This question could allow you to help them reach some important goals, and also leaves room for some silly responses. The balance between work and independence is a tricky one, but discussing it now can help you figure out what your partner wants long term from their career.

Choosing a place to live is one of the toughest things a couple has to do.Keeping a relationship balanced between fun and serious is a difficult task.You can make it so much easier when you have a few funny conversation starters for couples at the ready, like the ones below.Prunes every morning or Matlock marathons: no matter what the answer is it’s sure to lead to a few half-embarrassed chuckles.This is an opportunity to indulge in a little nostalgia that’s also a little self-deprecating.This can open up a lively debate in a group in order to reach a consensus on who would last longest.

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