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Shia Labeouf was born on 11 June 1986 in La, California, U. He’s director and an American actor who’s well-known in the Disney Channel show, Even Stevens.

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Talking about and his private life -2007 China Branzer whom he met at the set was dated by him.

Later on tutors broke up not because they are not dealing each other great but because he became too active and was not able to set time.

Now also possesses a Salvatore Ferrogamo “Resurrection” Messanger Bag on the sets of among his films. All I'm really trying to say in the most politically sensible way is, "Thank you so much for giving me the opportunities, I would just like to make movies about people now." That's it.[on advice Robert Redford gave him on set of The Company You Keep (2012)] I wound up getting into a bar fight. There's something about watching your dad go through heroin withdrawal when you're 11. As so often happened in Louisiana, the name became deformed because the French sent there could say their name but could not read or write French correctly. There is no such name as "Labeouf" or "La Beouf" in French.

Shia has additionally been seen wearing “the Humbolt” Coat on several occasions. And this is most of my childhood.[on his comments about being done with working within the studio system and them being taken out of context] I'm a fallible human being. I have to go to work the next day with [Redford] and Stanley Tucci. And now I'm sitting in front of legends, and I feel like a [jerk]. Correctly spelled it would mean "the beef" in the singular tense.

Shia adores driving Chevy Silverado SUV which has loud wheels and bucket seats.

The insides are extremely much comfortable with an air conditioner and upholstered leather seats.

For the period August 2009 Shia dated one time co-star Carey Mulligan and an English performer.

In the year 2011, it was reported that he was dating the celebrity Isabel Lucas while she dating Megan Fox and Adrian Grenier.

Additionally it’s V8 engine that’s the one that is most strong.

Also, Shia possesses a Ford F-150 pickup truck that is regarded as jack of all trades because of its multi-utility functions.

The sequel is called Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Transformers 2 was called Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

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