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While they typically abstained from commenting on their involvement, Diddy memorably shared in January how he was interested in having children with Cassie."I love children...

Singer Amerie is the daughter of a Korean mother and an African-American father who was a career military member.

*Because I Love It'*s big, risky strategic manoeuvre is a plush, post-coital riposte to Ciara's recent electro-pop revivalism, with many of the songs here investing in a deliberately frothy eighties sound that smears together Prince, Jam & Lewis, and the SOS Band.

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I prefer the vengeful moments: no r&b singer can make the listener feel as judged as Amerie can, like the world itself has risen up in anger against your uncaring ways.

All three of these songs extend the album's dominant palatial 80s sound, but in a subtler and less self-conscious fashion, more focused on being vehicles for Amerie's emoting.

While that relationship hasn't been confirmed or denied, Hot New Hip reported how Puffy and Chew had been spotted together in recent months: in Miami back in September, and attending a Drake concert in early October.

Prior to Cassie's blunt Instagram Story statement, TV personality Wendy Williams talked about the "Me & You" singer's breakup with Diddy, suggesting Cassie had "wasted" 11 years dating the multihyphenate talent."She probably doesn't know how to apply for a mortgage," Williams said on last Thursday.

She does better when she doesn't try so hard: The more clipped disco-funk of "Take Control" might be closer to "anonymous" r&b (one could just as easily imagine it coming from Nicole Scherzinger or Christina Milian) but it's also a much better song; the enjoyment comes from listening to how Amerie still makes it her own, the song's own excitement strained through her expressive, almost hesitant phrasing.

Perhaps the secret ingredient which enlivens Amerie's best work is her quality of earnestness: The best songs here are a trio of dead-serious ballads in the second half, all of which relinquish the urge to score points with savvy listeners.

The balance between success and failure rests on the tension between the style, the singer and the song: Amerie is at her best when the three levels become indistinguishable.

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This sense of making staged set-pieces rather than songs carries over into more familiar territory.

The enjoyable but overrated "Gotta Work", an energetic funk number that liberally samples Sam & Dave's "Hold On I'm Coming", verges on empty formalism: one senses that its signifiers have been pressed into service primarily to remind listeners of how much they enjoyed "1 Thing" or J Lo's "Get Right", and coalesce into a song only as an afterthought.

Sonic revivalism in r&b usually works best when it sounds breezy and incidental-- think of the gorgeous effervescence of Cassie's sweet mid-tempo numbers, or Teedra Moses's own, less self-conscious evocations of Prince and Jam & Lewis.

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