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These qualities, coupled with the intensive tests they set up for potential mates to determine suitability and trustworthiness, can send people screaming for the hills.If you’re an INTJ looking for a relationship, you need to let down some barriers and show people your softer side.

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If an ENFP wants to keep a lover, they have to remember to slow down and give others the attention they need.

Good Read: 15 ENFP Struggles An ESFP can seem like the perfect partner.

Myers-Briggs is a personality type system that explores individual tendencies that affect how we interact with the world and with the people around us.

There are sixteen personality types in this system, each of them with different characteristics and qualities.

Good Read: ISTPs In The Wild INFP’s can be extremely cautious about letting their barriers down so that others can see their true self.

This slow way of connecting to others may be seen as indifference or even dislike to potentials mates.

If they slow down and listen, they will find it easier to find and keep the relationship they want. Because of this, their relationships can be one-sided and sometimes damaging to them when they go too far with this tendency.

This type needs to learn to be a little more selfish in relationships rather than basing it around their partner’s issues.

This can become a problem when they try to forge this kind of connection too quickly, and many INFJ’s find themselves single because they try to go too deep too fast Good Read: The INFJ Advocate The ISFJ takes relationships seriously and wants that perfect, stable relationship.

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